JSA LIS Spring Meeting

June 6, 2016, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Larchmont Yacht Club, in the Schaefer Room

Representatives from the JSA member junior sailing programs are invited to attend this briefing about the summer events and activities, network with other program leaders, and pick up info boxes for your club, with reference materials, yearbooks and event calendars. Please register in advance so we may set up sufficient seating.

Agenda topics

  • Welcome   Karen Quirke & Pedro Lorson
    – Introductions of board members and attending clubs
    – Co-Chairs’ Remarks
  • Election of Nominating Committee
    for the JSA board candidates to be proposed at the annual meeting in October
    – John Silbersack, Matt Marion and Tricia Leicht
  •  JSA Initiatives and Events
    – Adventure Sailing Programs     Tim Doolin
    – Communications & Online Resources     Bob Whittredge
    – Team Racing Opportunities     Chuck McCarthy & Pedro Lorson
    – Head Instructor Workshop      Karen Quirke
    – All Instructor Workshop     Kevin Broome
    – JSA Racing Clinic     Pedro Lorson
  • Open Discussion
    – Ask questions, announce local club events and share features of your junior program
    – Additional boat classes at some regattas this summer
    – Balance between competitive sailing and adventure sailing
    – JSA Special Awards
  • Other Business

Depart with your club’s box of reference materials